Thursday, August 16, 2012

Potlatch and Salmon BBQ

Sunday 8/12/12
Lacey, WA

This will be a longer blog because I didn't have the time to blog during our 33rd Annual Potlatch and Salmon Rally, but I have notes and pictures.

Everyone looks forward to this annual event because of the fun times and of course the big dinner of Alder Smoked BBQ Salmon.

Wednesday, Aug 8th
and Thursday Aug 9th

We had the traditional luncheon with a fashion show.  This year, for something different the models (our members) shopped at Good Will and modeled their selections.  We were all amazed at what kind of outfits you could get for under $20.00 and several were less than $10.00. One person had a complete outfit of tie-dyed,
he was really cute especially with the beard and pony tail.  There were several that found cute PJ's and bath robe.  Unfortunately none of my pictures came out clear.  I am terrible at taking pictures when the subject is moving.

Part of the kitchen crew

Table mates I was with

Many people enjoyed this annual event

Our MC's Carolyn and Sally, of course dressed in their finest from Good Will

More kitchen help, you know sometimes they just don't get enough recognition. 
 I also worked in the kitchen mostly washing and also serving.
We have an excellent kitchen

Later that day, or maybe it was the next day we had BBQ hamburgers with all the trimmings and entertainment down in the park

Joe and I are on the left with a great group from BC and Alberta, next to Joe is Gene, Marilyn, Hazel md Aldolph and standing in the middle is Murray

Later that evening  Paul Che oke ten Wagner entertained us with many stories along with wonderful drumming and the flute.  He is such a talented young man full of stories.

Saturday Aug 11th

Parade Day, anything goes; golf carts, walkers, dogs.  A sumertime parade just for fun.

Molly and Lucy, Lucy has a blue eye

It's so much fun to have a fun and silly day
Next the Salmon Dinner.  This is the 33rd annual Potlatch and Salmon Fest.  We have been waiting for the salmon dinner all week with great anticipation and mouth watering at just the thought of it.

The BBQ Pit before

First you start a good wood fire then spread that out and add the charcoal, 
then the most important item is to use green Alder wood to give it a good smoke and flavor

The salmon is fresh out of Westport, it is put on a grill and sliced and then a light amount of a secret sauce is spread on the salmon, then foil over the top and the grills are then carfully carried down a few steps and placed very carefully on the pit

getting the next grill ready, just needs the sauce and the foil
the tails are all put on one grill

Carefully down the steps

And, now wait until the perfect time, this is quite an art, grilling for over 100 people

It's done, here comes the first one back up the steps

we're ready send in the people

Here they come, can't hold them back now.

They just keep coming

Look at the size of those portions!

I had to take a quick peak at the tails, they sure look yummy/

Every year I say that it was the best salmon I have ever had, but this year I am sure, without a doubt that this really was the very best salmon,  Very moist and tender, I don't remember what else we had but I'm sure it was good too.

Well that's about it for this year's 33rd Annual Potlatch and Salmon BBQ., Sunday was a church service and brunch with left overs and then on Monday a group of us met to do a thorough clean up of kitchen and hall, again a lunch of more left overs.

Everyone had a fantastic time, and anxiously looking forward to next year.

Safe travels to all and thanks for stopping by.

Sorry this is such a long post.

Joe and Nancy

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. It was especially interesting to see how to cook salmon for 100.