Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Days at The Beach

July 27 - 29, 2012

Our Annual trip over to Pacific Beach FamCamp.  My sister and bil, Debbie and Gary from Auburn, California usually find their way up here almost every summer.  My other sister Elaine is from Snoqualmie, Washington.  We all met up at Pacific Beach, on the way we stopped at Hoaquim to pick up Oysters and Crab.  We already had plenty of wine (two boxes), good sourdough bread and white corn.  Wow!, do we we know how to have a great weekend or what?

The weekend turned out to be the best ever, good food, good weather, and a great family to share the delicious BBQ oysters and crab.  We also went for walks on the beach picking up many sand dollars and a couple of other shells.  I have a neighbor who has a bunch of various shells scattered around his garden area so when it got dark last night I added about 30 sand dollars, several clam shells  and one large shell that looked like a scallop shell.  I don't know if he will notice or not but it was fun for me.

The campground is on a high bank, 
this is looking out our trailer door from space # 25

It's very flat here so when the tide is out - it is way out

We are camped at the top of this little hill, there is a real easy road to walk down. 
 This is a beach that you can drive on

Sister Debbie with a little kids bucket I picked up at Dollar Tree. 
 I love Dollar Tree

Here we are having our Happy Hour, Debbie, Me (Nancy) & Elaine.
Debbie has pineapple sunglasses, I have flamingos and Elaine has margarita glasses
 and we are all wearing silly little necklaces'
Yes, we had a fun weekend.  

Safe travels to all, thanks for stopping by

Joe and Nancy


  1. You silly girls...! :) I like to visit Pacific Beach but we have never had a chance to camp there.