Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well Crud, I Got the Crud

2/20/2013 - ?
Overland RV Park
Fort Davis, TX
Pass Port America

Just a quick note, my allergies/cough/cold/flu aka The old fashion Crud.  I can only sleep sitting up on the sofa and sipping hot tea when not sleeping.  Coughing all night and now I can hear fine crackles in my lungs so I found an urgent care physician in Alpine, TX another small town 25 miles to the south of Fort Davis.  Fort Davis has one doctor and he couldn't see me until tomorrow.

Well sure enough, fluid in my lungs and infection going down my throat. Now a week of Azithromycin, Prednisone and a cherry/codeine cough syrup.  I should be good as new in a few days.

We are going to stay put for a few days until I get my strength  back and then we'll take a look at our calendar and figure out where to go.  We are going to skip Carlsbad Caverns and the Guadalupe Mountains and go there another time so we won't be too far off track.

Safe Travels to all and thanks for stopping by


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watch out for the construction in Dallas

2/17 % 2/18/2013
Carrollton, Texas
aka North Dallas, Texas
Sandy Lake RV Park
Passport America

We made it through Dallas to Carrollton which is just on the north side of Dallas.  I think the entire Hwy  system of the Dallas area is under construction.  We only made one wrong turn, but no problem.  Arrived safely to our RV Park, which could also be called Cram-a-lot-in RV Park.  In our row you had no space on the roadside and the curb side of every RV had about 8 - 10 feet before bumping into the neighbors RV.  We were here to visit with Joe's daughter, Kim, and grand-daughter, Leslie.  We had two really nice dinners out and a great visit with family.

I have developed a bad cough along with post nasal flood waters and not feeling well so I laid around most of the time and trying to cough up the stuff.  A finally decided to get something for my upper chest congestion/cough/crud.  A trip to a very big Kroger's and a good pharmacy area.  There are hundreds of medicine for cough and colds.  I remembered the adds on TV for Musinex (I don't even know how to spell it).  They wanted $21.00 for it, must have gold in it.  I checked the ingredient list and found out I could get the exact thing, Kroger brand for $3.79.  So you know which one I got.  What a ridiculous amount of money for the name brand.

Not too much else to report on except that I heard on the news tonight that the pollen count is dangerously high in the Dallas area.  That explains my cough and runny nose and eyes.

Dinner with Kim and Leslie

FYI, Leslie is single, cute, very nice, loves dogs and cats, has a steady job and is a computer whiz.

Safe travels to all and thanks for stopping by


Tabasco, Avery Island

Erath, LA
Sports Complex Campground

A nice drive through Louisiana to a small, really small town that happens to have a Sports Complex with a Campground and listed in the Good Sam Book.  We had Electric, water and a good place to dump, nice laundry and showers all for $20.  The manager is Tommy, he lives close by and can come over to get you set up and pay. They can also take caravans or rallys.  There is is nothing to do there, but Tommy can tell you all the good places for Cajun Food.

Close by is Avery Island which is where The Tabasco Plant is, they have a nice film, tour and of course lots of tasting including ice cream.  Everything was too hot for me but Joe liked it all.

We are way out in the country here, very quiet and it sure is nice after the hustle/bustle of New Orleans.

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Mardi Gras Day is finally here

2/11 & 2/12/2013
New Orleans
Mardi Gras
Airstream Rally

Today we boarded the buses  to head for the National WWII Museum.  The museum is put together very nice and they are adding on with another large building.  This is a must see in New Orleans.  We have seen many similar displays in all the Armed Service Museums we have visited over the years.  My father was in WWII and the Korean War but never discussed  it with us.

2/12/2013 Mardi Gras Day translates to Fat Tuesday.  It means to live it up now because starting on Wednesday is the Lenten Season.  Many Parades today to I will just post lots of pictures.  We had a fun fun day on the parade route watching the Zulu Krewe and the Rex Krewe.

Mayor of New Orleans on white horse in the middle, he appears to be a very good horseman and handled this spirited mare quite well.

The Super Bowl Trophy was on display at the WWII museum for a few days.

The end of Mardi Gras, time to put all our glit and glamour away.  Our  Host, Lonnie was magnificent, she loves Mardi Gras and New Orleans.  I can't say enough on how much fun this entire event has been, all thanks to Lonnie and her dedicated helpers.

Safe Travels to all and thanks for stopping by


Friday, February 15, 2013

Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras
New Orleans, LA

A trip to Mardi Gras World.  This is where about 90% of the floats are made.  Many of the props on the floats are stored in warehouses and can be used again.

When the Krewe decides what their theme will be it is drawn up with pencil, then eventually pen and inks, then one of the artists will work from a picture like this to become a float that is 50' long.

This piece of paper is on a legal size clipboard.

These are all items that have been used.  To understand the size, note the hand truck in the lower right corner
"Off with their heads"

This prop is from a previous year and it had a Captain's hat on the head.
They needed the hat so they cut the top of the head off.

King Kong is holding the hat from the above picture.
These three pictures are a mural on the wall of the snack shop.  Its about 8' tall and 25' long.  This is looking at New Orleans from the Mississippi River and is very detailed all made with beads.

Joe and I at Mardi Gras Party

Everyone had a great time which included dinner, open bar and dancing.

Last years King and Queen

As you can see everyone had a great time.

The person in the white jacket next to the person in the brown jacket in both of these photos are non-other than our  International 2nd VP, Joe and Sandy Perryman, really living it up.

Another magnificent day at Mardi Gras, New Orleans

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

University of New Orleans
Campus RV Park

Another great day, another bus ride to downtown and then a River Boat and lunch cruise down the Mississippi River.  We had catfish, Red Beans and Rice along with Jambalaya, Okra, coleslaw and the best Bloody Mary I have ever had.  Everything was sooooo very good.

Firing up the organ (don't know the real name)

It was a little chilly outside but not bad, it was a nice boat ride.

One of the street mimes, this guy was really good, there is a little stuffed dog at the end of the leash that didn't make it into the picture.

 He can stay in this pose for a really long time.
 He even talked without moving his lips
he was waiting for everyone when we got off the boat.

Cigar Factory

The starting of another parade this one is the Endymion and we are at the start of the parade.  This is the longest of the parades and one of the oldest.  Some of the floats are two and three trailers, up to 350 feet.

Many people bring ladders.  The ladders are suppose to be back off the street equal to the height of the ladder. This 6 ft ladder should be six feet from the edge of the street.

This ladder has wheels on top so you can pull it, but is also has a seat on top for one or two kids.  Now how clever is that.

 Waiting to get loaded up with all their riders

We are in a beautiful park like setting with enormous trees.

Finally a fairly decent picture of the light carriers.  Each parade has a couple dozen or so.  Years ago each parade had 100's of them, this was the only way the parade was lit up.  Now it's just a way to keep up the traditions.

Everyone has hands up to catch the beads.

There was lots of slightly muddy areas so I had to get out my new rubber boots.  I got these at Costco last August and have had to use them several times.  Sure glad I had them.

The streets had a sea of empty plastic bags from where the floats were being prepared for the route.  All the bags were from all the beads and trinkets.

By tomorrow morning the streets and grassy area here will be clean and you will not be able to tell there was this mess.

A good end to a great day in New Orleans.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
Be safe