Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well it's about time

     Wow! so much has happened.  First I haven't posted for a while because of just being  so busy getting settled in, getting ready for a trip to British Columbia, selling the house and then developing a whopping cold/bronchitis the day we left for BC that is taking me forever to recover from.  But that's enough of that.  We accepted an offer on the house and  hopefully closing by June 21.  I don't want to believe it until I see the money in the bank.  I know how deals can fall apart when you least expect it. 
We got the offer on our house just a few days before we left for our trip to British Columbia.  Luckily we can communicate by cell phone, email and fax. 

     So we left for Hope, BC, our first stop.  This is a favorite stop for us, we usually plan to have a lunch or dinner here.  Hope is a great little community on the Fraser River and nestled right up against the rugged Coquihalla Canyon.  Hope has a beautiful park in the center of town.  Across the street from the park is our favorite little place for a latte', sandwich/soup or pastry called the Blue Moose.  We didn't leave home until the afternoon so we will be spending the night in Hope.

We ended up eating at Rolly's a nice family resturant with good food.

 Behind the Visitor's center is a good level area that is ok to say the night.  Before morning two semi trucks pulled along side of us.
     The next morning we head out early, before breakfast.  as we have a long way to go up the Coquihalla Hwy, Hwy 5.  This is quite the mountain and a long pull.  We went from spring weather with everything blooming and leafed out up to the snow level and the trees were not even budded out.  On we went to Merritt for a nice rest stop and breakfast at a small cafe with really good coffee.  Then through Kamloops and eventually to iRVins Campground in Valemount where met up with four more Airstreamers from our club.  This is the start of our caravan.  We stayed for four nights which was a blessing as Joe and I are fighting a cold with a terrible cough.  This gave us time to really rest up.
     More tomorrow if we have internet.  pictures to follow

Safe travels to all