Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Planning for Full Time Travels

Joe is Retired USAF, and Nancy is soon to be a retired Hemodialysis RN

And this is Buddy 
 7 yr old Cocker Spaniel

A new Year and New Things Coming.  This is my first try at a Blog.  Hopefully I can add to this now and then.  I am not a writer so you will see mistakes that you  can criticize, or laugh and ignore.

Our BIG plan is for me to retire by March 1st, get the house ready to put up for sale.  Looking around I see there is so much to do.  We will be moving into a mobile home in Lacey, WA  about 900 square feet, no garage but a great shed that we call "the barn".  This move to The Land Yaht Harbour Airstream Park is something we have been discussing for several years and now we are really going to do it. We are moving from a  house of  about 1400 square feet and garage full of s---- plus a shed, chicken house and 6 chickens.  I will really miss our fresh eggs, and the chickens have become pets.

"The Girls", aren't they cute. 
I will have to find new homes for our six chickens. 
They are good layers 
 4 - 6 eggs a day.




                   Our goal is to leave this in Everett Washington

(Pendleton USMC Fam Camp)
Safe Travels to where ever you are and where ever you go