Thursday, November 8, 2012

Savannah, Georgia

11/3 - 11/6/12
River's End CG
Tybee Island, GA

We are only 15 minutes from Savannah.  Savannah is a beautiful Southern City with many parks along their streets.  The oak trees, Spanish Moss and the southern style homes are just breathtaking.  This is where most of Forrest Gump was filmed.  In fact there are a lot of movies filmed here along with the setting of many books.

We went on a Ghost and Graveyard tour.  It was interesting to listen to all the stories.  I probably would not go again.

Beautiful gardens, parks, trees and houses everywhere.

Her house

Sorry, I couldn't get the picture turned around

Stations of the Cross are carved, the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The oldest police building in continuous use in the U.S.

Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor since 1929.  The ice cream was really good and creamy.

Joe is having a hard time deciding.

Not too many pictures of Savannah, mostly because I ran out of battery power.  There is a spectacular walkway along the river and we walked and rode the trolley all over the city.  This is such a pretty city I would like to come back in the springtime.

Have a blessed day and drive safely


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beaufort, SC

10/31 - 11/2/12
Tuck-in-the-Woods CG
Beaufort, SC

Forest Gump was filmed in Beaufort, SC and Savannah, GA.  If you remember he had a box of chocolates  from "The Chocolate Tree".  We visited the Chocolate Tree in Beaufort, and yes they are very very scrumptious chocolates.  "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get."

Yep, another carriage ride through the beautiful streets of Historic Beaufort, South Carolina.

Last Days in Charleston

10/26 - 10/30/12
Mt. Pleasant/Charleston,  NC

Part 4 of 4

Trying to get caught up on the journal.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ships, Forts, Shrimp and Grits

10/26 - 10/30/12
Mt Pleasant/Charleston, SC

Part 3 of  4

A windy day, mostly sunny, the hurricane Sandy has moved north with no effects here in Charleston.  We toured the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier that is now a museum.  The Yorktown was commissioned in 1943.  The Carrier played a significant role in the Pacific offensive which began in late 1943 and ended with the defeat of Japan in 1945.  Yorktown received the Presidential Unit Citation and earned 11 battle stars for World War 11 service.  The Yorktown was featured in"The Fighting Lady" and "Tora, Tora, Tora"  This was the first time I have toured an Aircraft Carrier.  When we lived in Everett there were times that we could have toured the Lincoln, which was stationed there, but never had the time.  Luckily though I have seen the Lincoln come in and depart many times, mostly due to the building that I worked in had a terrific unobstructed view of the Port of Everett the Lincoln and the entire Navy Port.

On the right is the catapult (the red gadget)  that shot the planes off the carrier like a slingshot.

Here I am on The Bridge, what a view.

He doesn't look more than 15 years old.
 Next was a boat trip out to Fort Sumter.

On the return from Fort Sumter we cruised around the bow of the USS Lexington

Later in the afternoon we started the preparations for denner, shrimp and grits for 36 people.

The guys here are peeling and cutting up the shrimp and grating the cheese.

You have to do a lot of measuring when you are making shrimp and grits for 36 people.

I don't like grits, but this was the BEST EVER.  I have never had shrimp and grits, it's a Southern dish, the people that have had this dish before also said this was the very best they have ever had.

The men did all the cleaning. Yea!!!

Everyone had a deliciously good time.

Have a blessed day, be safe and thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

American LaFrance Fire Museum, Charleston, SC

10/26 - 10/30
Mt Pleasant, SC

Part 2 of 4

10/27/12 today's activities were changed to Tuesday (which was a free day).  It is rainy and windy so looking on the internet for something to do I came across the North Charleston American LaFrance Fire Museum.  What a spectacular museum of the largest collection of fully restored American LaFrance fire apparatus in the country.  The trucks are from 1886 to 1960's.  Most pictures will describe the Fire Engine that follows.

 (sorry for the blur)

These are wooden ladders that fit onto each other.

Mostly pictures again, I hope I got the correct description with the right truck.  This is only a sampling of the trucks, I had to stop somewhere.  One thing I learned was that fire trucks were originally white because red paint was too expensive.

The Charleston AFB was close to the museum so we went to the commissary which was new and quite large.  We also found a Trader Joe's (first one since we left home) on our way back to the campsite, now we have a new supply of two-buck-chuck.

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by