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Monday, Aug 6, 2012
Lacey, Wa
Potlatch Airstream Rally

The temperature on Monday dropped down to about 74' relief that we really needed.

Today is the starting of an annual event:  Potlatch.  This is a tradition of Native Americans in the Washington area.  Potlatch means tribes all getting together and bring each other presents, play games, dance, drum, trade stories and items of importance and just have a great time.  And that's what the Airstreamers do every summer here in Lacey, Washington.

Today we carpooled up to Crystal Mountain Ski Resort and then road the gondola to the top of the mountain for lunch and spectacular views of Mt. Rainier.  My first visit to Crystal mountain.

One the way we stopped at the cute little town of Buckley which was settled in the Territory of Washington one year (or so) before Washington became a state.

It's hard to see but it says Citizens State Bank of Buckley

We finally arrive at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

The gondola

And of course here we are
You can see behind us how steep it is

And here we are at the summit, with Mt Rainier behind us

Looking a little to the left of Mt Rainier you could see Mt Adams and also Mt St. Helen some how they didn't make it in the picture.  We are at 6,000 ft looking out from the restaurant's patio 

The longer we stayed the better the mountain was looking with less clouds

Heading back down the gondola stopped and I was able to stand up and take this picture out an open window.  It really shows how steep it is here.

We sure had a beautiful day and yesterday was 94', I think it was about 72' up at the mountain.

Safe travels to all and thanks for stopping by.

Joe and Nancy

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  1. Glad to see your mountain came out. I was once at a convention in Seattle and some locals came in and said, "The mountain is out." Then we all walked outside to look at Rainier. Great photos.