Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Rising Sun

Sept 21 - 30, 2012
Rising Sun, Maryland

Not too much to report on, a beautiful drive south, still going on all the state roads so it's sometimes a little slower.  Just before we crossed the Mason-Dixon line we stopped at an Amish vegetable stand.  Red or green peppers, 3/1.00, vine ripe tomatoes, 4/2.00, everything was at a good price and the truck garden was in perfect shape.  No pictures, as most don't allow that.

We are at Joe's sister Ellen and BIL Frannie.  They have a beautiful house on six acres that boarders the Pennsylvania line and a State Forest.  It's so nice to visit with family.  Ellen is quite the cook, I think she is trying to fatten me up a little more. Saturday we are going up to "The Cabin" on the Conowinga  River, a great get away place.  Ellen invited every relative within 50 miles.  Of course not everyone will be able to come but it will be fun to meet and greet the ones that do come.

We were here last spring so if you want you can check on the blogs and pictures from that time, 4/25, there are several postings.

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