Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scotts Bluff

August 28 & 29, 2012
Gering, Nebraska
aka Scottsbluff, NE
Robidoux RV Park

High of 101' with slight breeze, more fires are reported in northern Nebraska.

Disclaimer:  I have seen Scotts Bluff, and Scottsbluff spelled both ways, don't really know which one is correct.

I remember as a child we would watch Wagon Train on our black and white TV.  Like most young children this really made an impression on me.  I remember as the wagons passed by Scotts Bluff there was a LARGE bluff out in the flat plains.  Well, it's not quite like that.  There are many bluffs and many rolling hills, but this particular bluff meant that the wagon trains were 1/3 of the way to Oregon or California and one thing that made them so excited is that they had been traveling for weeks along the North Platte River and their was nothing to see, no hills, no big rocks, just flat prairie, so it was exciting to see the many different bluffs.  They named the bluffs, such as court house bluff, jail house bluff or whatever their imagination could come up with.

This is the main "Scottsbluff" that they were looking for
 on their long trip to know where they were.
This is the Conestoga wagon

This was known as the Murphy wagon

Inside the Murphy, I like my Airstream a lot better

The Studebaker wagon.
I think this is the same Studebaker as the car

Looking down from the Bluff 

You can see another bluff behind this sign
A fun and well presented museum

If you look real close you can see the wire running between these bunches of twigs.  There were no trees in the area so they used what they could.  The things next to the twigs helped make the fencing but not sure how.

This is how the eggs were stacked in order to take them to the market

You could weigh a chicken in this by stuffing the head down the small hole.
 I guess these were live chickens,  Who would have known they needed to be weighed.

Anyone know what this is?
check answer on tomorrow's blog

Buggy taking the Humpty Dumpty egg crate to the market

More bluffs in background

 Chimney Rock 

 The field corn is a little dry but they seem to make it

This flower though is on it's last leg, and no water in sight

Safe travels to all and have a blessed day



  1. We enjoyed our visit to Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock National Monuments this summer. We didn't make it inside the farm museum, though. I hope you find some cooler weather, soon!

  2. Can't imagine what that contraption is.