Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outer Banks, NC

10/ - 10/15/12
Camp Hatters
Outer Banks
Waves, North Carolina

A beautiful sunny day of driving about 140 miles to our new site in the Outer Banks, the furthest east point of North Carolina. Our trip from Kiptopeke State Park included crossing the Chesapeake Bridges and tunnels.
This was new for us, starting off on a bridge then down into the narrow underwater tunnel  but soon we were back up crossing on the bridge, then another tunnel and before we knew it we were up on the bridge again.

Our campground actually runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sound of the Outer Banks with Hwy 12 splitting  the 450 space campground in half.  Our site is on the west side next to the water which includes beautiful sunsets.

While we were at the Outer Banks we stopped in at the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center and met fellow blogger Judy (but Emma was not with her).  Judy is quite knowledgeable about birds and if you don't know or forget the name of a bird she can usually come up with the name.  This was her last day so we were really lucky to be able to meet her.

The beach (Atlantic Ocean) is magnificent.  The fencing is to help build and keep sand dunes.

We visited another U. S. Life Saving Station.  The men that were stationed at these Life Saving Stations were truly heroes, in fact they are the forgotten heroes of the Atlantic Coast.  This is the newer Chicamacomico Life Saving Station.

Dressed as the Captain or Keeper of the Life Saving Station.

His wife

Kitchen in new station

 One of the ways to rescue people, seven people would fit into this tube and it would be pulled on a line that sometimes would dip into the ocean.  Scary but people were always rescued.

The first Life Saving Station was then used as the boat house after the new station was built

Steps came straight up to the top look out

The official jackets

The end of a perfect day........

......almost........Buddy got in trouble again when we were out to dinner.  This time he ate half of a small decorative pumpkin along with some decorative colored corn.  He got time out in the corner.

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. That Buddy sure is a pistol! Very unusual food tastes though. :)

  2. We love OBX and what a perfect time of the year to visit. It brought back memories of our OBX vacation a couple of years ago. My husband was about to retire from the U.S. Coast Guard (30 years!) and we took a a little trip to VA Beach and OBX. Our last duty station was Rockland, ME. Maine's mid atlantic coast is not a shabby place either and so glad that it was our last duty station before settling down in Vancouver, WA. We are not far from Lacey! But getting back to OBX. We would of loved to settle there, but the hurricane season gets me nervous out there. I am enjoying your trip, photos (specially Buddy) and of course your blog! Happy trails!