Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Favorite Sister-in-Law

Part 1 of 3

4/2 - 4/11/12
Rising Sun, Maryland

Another main destination for us was to visit Ellen and Frannie, Joe's sister and brother-in-law and we finally arrived spending 10 wonderful fun filled days.  It was a real treat for me because I got to meet family that I had only heard about.  They were always the mysterious family that I had heard of but never met.   Ellen and Frannie's whole family was there: Josh, Matt, Joe and wife Erin and Brian. Also with the loveable  four-legged balls of fur, Gordy and Maddy (and seven cats) and can't forget to mention the four horses. The only one missing was Valerie who had the excuse of basking in the warm sun of Hawaii for the last 6 months.

Cousin Betty and husband

Cousin Gale and husband, sister of Lynn in St Augustine, FL

Ellen and Frannie live in a beautiful big brick house on six acres just a few feet south of Pennsylvania with good walking areas where we could just let the dogs run loose.  We were lucky to have such a great place to stay

From left to right, Gordy, Buddy, Ellen and Maddy

 I don't remember the names of the horses 

This is Erin who is married to Ellen's son Joe

While there we visited Roots, an enormous Amish Market that is only open on Wednesday. The had every thing you could think of from clothing, furniture, veggies, meat, breads, chickens, rabbits, you name it they had it.  This covered about two acres not including the acre of parking lot.  It's a good thing we had Ellen with us we would have been lost for at least two days.  She knew exactly where to go and most importantly how to get to the bathrooms and then back to the car.

The countryside is just beautiful with rolling hills and manicured farms.  We are in the middle of Amish Country, You can always tell if it's an Amish farm; they are the best looking, there is wash hanging out on the line and usually no electric lines going to the house.


A team of six horses pulling a fertilizer wagon

Taken quickly out the truck window

More to come

Have a blessed day

Joe and Nancy

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