Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still at Big Bend

Part 2 of 2
Big Bend National Park, TX

Still at Rio Grand Village Campground we decided to go to the Hot Springs Historic District.  The Hot Springs are probably millions of years old.  However in 1909 J. O. Langford purchased the property, including the spring, sight unseen.  He was the first modern developer of the Hot Springs.  Eventually he developed a post office/store and a motor court that was built in 1927.

The Motor-Court had one rooms and double rooms

Hiking on our to the Hot Springs

Finally the Hot Springs, The Rio Grand and Mexico on the other side

The road in and out of the Hot Springs

We moved to Cottonwood Campground, still a dry camp and generators not allowed.  This is considered a quiet area.

Finally I got a decent picture of a frequent visitor

We drove over to the famous St Elena Canyon.  There are usually rafters and/or canoes floating down the river however, due to the water being so low that is impossible.  I did hike up the rock wall and then up the canyon to the end of the trail.  Spectacular viewes:

Looking up St Elena Canyon on the Rio Grand River

 Starting the trek up the mountain

The switch back trail going up and up
What was I thinking

Looking up the canyon from one of the switchbacks

Pressing up and up along the trail

Looking down river
the spit of gravel in the middle is where I was taking the first picture of the canyon

 Looking upstream again

Finally at the top looking down, the left is down stream

and, looking upstream
Notice the trail along the edge of the mountain

Up and over the rock and then down the other side, looking up river

 The end of the trail is at the white rocks behind me

Looking down river from the end of the trail

Now the trek back out

There are many hikes around that include remains of houses made of rocks, here is just one:

These stone houses were extremely well built

After Big Bend we moved onto Del Rio

Safe travels to all

Nancy & Joe


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a great sightseeing opportunity!

  2. Great pictures ! They brought back some fun memories.

  3. Your photos were great! We too love Big Bend and intend to go back some day when we can hike--Mike was wearing an air cast on his broken ankle when we were in Big Bend last.