Friday, July 6, 2012

The Zero Party

Saturday June 30
Lake of the Pines
Auburn, California

So what is a Zero Party?

Any family member that will have a birthday in 2012 and the last digit of their new age is a zero.  The party is put on by my sister and brother in law, Debbie and Gary.  All family and friends are invited, there were about 50 people able to come.  And come they did, from  Texas, Washington, San Diego, San Francisco and Nevada.  Probably other places too.

We traveled from Olympia, WA and my daughter Brenda from San Diego.  My son from Jacksonville FL was not able to come.  Brenda turned 40 this year so she is part of the Zero Party.  I'm not sure how she became 40, it wasn't  that long ago that she graduated from high school.

Joe and I decided that we would leave the trailer at home and take the Jetta which gets 42 mph and we could drive at 70 mph. but we had to stay in a hotel and eat out.  We arrived at my sister's place at Lake of the Pines which is in Auburn, CA Friday 6/29/12 and the party is Saturday.

This post is full of family pictures so look out -  or skip through to the last picture

Traveling through the mountains close to Mt Shasta in northern California

The view of Lake of the Pines from their deck

getting set up - the before picture

Tom in the water helping his girl friend learn how to water ski
 Then it was Tom's turn

Sister Debbie and son-in-law Tom on "poop patrol"

 Just a couple of the five dogs that were there

Brother-in-law Jim from Washington and my daughter Brenda from San Diego

My sister Debbie and one of her brother-in-laws (she has six BILs)

youngest nephew David and his girlfriend 

 Brother in law Gary on left who organized the party, talking to one of his brothers

My other sister Elaine talking with middle nephew Nathan

Caroline petting our dog Buddy

Nephew Jaron and his wife Monica

The shade kept moving so the table had to be moved

The meat had been marinating for 24 hours before the big BBQ

Mr "Hair Man" sneaking around the tree

The first taste of the meet, Gary and Joe

And, the second taste by David

Finally it was time to cut the meat, it was sooooooo delicious 

 Joe and Gary

Mr "Hair Man" sneaking up get food

Mr "Hair Man" and Dick

Fun in the lake

and more fun in the lake

All the Zero People, my daughter Brenda is sitting on the right

All nine of them

Getting late and everyone is packing up to go.  
It was too dark for my camera so picture is a blur but cute

Saturday morning my three nephews arrived and started helping set everything up.  The weather was great, about 75' with a slight breeze off the lake.

As usual lots of pictures of everyone and none of me.  My birthday is coming up this month so it will be my turn then.

Safe travels to all, thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I loved the pictures. Great idea for a party. I guess ANY idea for a party is a good one. Happy BD to all of the principles.