Saturday, November 19, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park, Part 3 of 3

Wednesday, November 16, 2001, low this AM was 39 and high was mid 70's with a clear blue sky.  We have decided to leave one day early, tomorrow, as Joe's new dentures have given him a sore spot on his lower gum line.  We will wait and go to Borrego Springs at another time.

Before we start packing up, one last hike up the hill behind our camp.  I have been studying these rocks for a couple of days now and I think I can find a way to the top.  Just before we were ready to take off I saw a coyote go through the rocks at the edge of our campsite.  We have seen many coyotes in Joshua Tree.  So keeping in mind that they are out there we head up the hill.  Actually about half way up there I decided this was a mountain.

Leaving our campsite we go through a couple of  of rock areas like these.  The mountain we are headed for is in the far background

we wind through and over rocks and every now and then come to a clearing and a little closer to 
"The Mountain"

And a little closer

At first this rock reminded me of a giant turtle then a giant toad.  What do you think?

At times it was a tight squeeze through the rocks.  This picture shows the roughness of the rocks.  The ground is covered in very slippery fine gravel that is washed off the rocks.

Still going up, Joe is in the middle lower of the picture.

Looking back down you can just barely see out truck and trailer. 
 It's the tiny silver speck in the middle of the picture

Still going up

 Kind of a funny picture up this close, you can also see the crumbly gravel under the rock

Same rock

Joshua Tree National is a must see if in the area.  We stayed at Jumbo Rocks Campground.  The spaces are small but there were several big motor homes and 5th wheels.  This is dry camping, no water, bring plenty.  With the senior discount pass this was only $5.00/night and no charge to enter the National Park.

I was able to reach Joe's dentist in Algodones and have an appt for him on Thursday afternoon.  We are about 150 miles from there so it will be an easy drive the next day.

Safe travels to all


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