Saturday, July 5, 2014

This and that....... and.... Sand Hill Cranes

July 5th 2014
Elks Lodge, Homer, AK

The end of yesterdays Pig Roast and BBQ.  As you can see this is a very simple set up for roasting a pig.  Both sides are up when roasting and there is a grate with space to put the charcoal in and then a little motor that turns the spit.

                              The left overs
A really nice crowd.  This is the first floor of the Elks Lodge with a large lawn to the right and then these large windows overlooking the water.
The second floor is about the same, very nice place.

The July 4th parade started at 6 pm, This kid was all over the place
 entertaining us while waiting for the parade

Everyone was either in the parade or watching.
I love these small town parades.

Alex, this is for you.  They had lots of green/yellow fire trucks and a few red ones, but this was the best one

Of course they had their political stuff, but the dogs were the cutest.

  Even their Zamboni was in the parade because the Pee Wee hokey team won the State Championship
 The hockey players

No high school band but they had a group of horses

Today we drove out to the East End, a little hazy today.

Now the best part of today
Sand Hill Cranes in the yard right next to us.
This particular group migrates to the Sacramento area every winter
But they have their chicks about 1/4 mile up the beach

Aren't they a handsome couple.

There is another flock of Sand Hill Cranes in the Fairbanks area that winter in Texas.  I guess the "snowbirds"  all have their favorite place to go for the winter, just like people.

That's it for today, hope every one had a Blessed 4th of July.



  1. Although we see a lot of sand hill cranes here in Florida, I never thought of them spending the summer in Alaska.

  2. Love your post Mom, but you forgot the pictures of you and Joe.
    I had no idea Sand Hill Cranes migrated so far, they are absolutely beautiful birds.
    Travel safe, Love Tim