Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whitehorse, YT

5/28 - 5/30/2014
Hi Country RV Park
Good park, even has trees
good showers and laundry
next time ask for larger space.
Good Sam disc.
Skies still clear

A great trip although the driving is starting to get a little boring until we go up or down a mountain where we can see forever.  Coming into Whitehorse is like going from years of being in the forest to the big city (25,000) of Whitehorse.  Every thing is here that you could want, and then some.  We are in this RV park because it is only one mile to town, the others are 7 - 15 miles, ya gotta always be thinkin 'bout the fuel consumption.

A lot to do here.  I did not realize that this is such a popular place for hiking, walking, mountain biking and backpacking.  You can easily stay here a week and not be able to walk every trail.  In the two plus days, three nights we were busy.  We visited the Copperbelt Railway and Mining Museum, MacBride Museum, the Riverfront Wharf, lunch at the Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ, walked the Millennium Trail along the Yukon River, crossing the river on the foot bridge and up to the fish ladder (which was closed)  We even had time to take a tour at the Yukon Brewing Company, tasting of course and purchasing some good beer.  No preservatives so a relatively short shelf life, or refrigerator life; so Tom, you will not be getting any, oooh and it is soooo good; also visited the local Farmers market but didn't buy anything.  Their farm fresh eggs were $6.00 a doz.   We will be stopping  in Whitehorse on our way back so we might take in the Cultural Center, although we have been to several already in Northern BC.

The pictures of the Sign Post Forest as we were leaving Watson Lake.

There must be thousands
of them and it was amazing
how many of these places that
we have been to.

Still a bit of smoke in the air
from all the fires up here
I think they are all out now.
 Going down hill and then crossing this river into Teslin.
Right after you cross the river going north is a big service station that almost everyone on the road stops at because at our last RV park they gave us a card good for 4 cents off per liter.  Se we paid $1.45 per liter, which was a savings since we needed about 75 gal.

Look at the color of that water as we cross the bridge, and it was crystal clear.

At the mining museum, this is a diesel engine that was used in the mines, today it is used to take us on a narrow gauge train ride

Miners cabin, small, I would have to duck to get inside but it was easier to build and heat.

In museum, the slits in these "sun glasses" were to keep from getting sun blindness

The very fine quarters of the Mounties, this is for you Alex.

Large nugget of copper

Crossing the Yukon River on the Millennium Trail.

Beautiful clear clear water.

Looking up stream at the hydro electric plant on the Yukon

That's it for Whitehorse, we are on our way to a halfway point between here and Dawson City, probably spend the night at Pelly Crossing.

I might not get internet for a few days, not sure.

Safe travels to all, have a blessed day.


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  1. Very nice Mom, I think I'm adding this trip to my list, and of course I will need your notes. Remember to shoot me that address as soon as you get it. I will send you my package as priority as I can. Love you guys, Tim