Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sheridan Lake Part Two

5/15 - 5/21/2014
Sheridan Lake
Loon Bay Resort
Sunny/Cloudy the rest of the week

This has been a really good laid-back rally, of course we have known most of these people for the last 10 - 14 years and have been to many rallys and or caravans with most of them.  At about 4 pm or so we all gather around the fire to share stories and lies about fishing.  Everyone is heading out in different directions today, tomorrow or the next day.  Planing has already started for next year, the 10th anniversary of the group coming to Sheridan lake.

Even on a semi-rainy day this is
a beautiful place.

This is a fairly large lake
we are camped just in this
little Loon Bay

Fishing wanna be with grandpa

We had a concert one night with
Marco the owner and his
granddaughter, Venessa, sang a song
in German

Marco performs for us every year,
he is quite good and has several
CD's available.

 Audie preparing some fish to smoke.

ready for the smoker rack

The last inspection before they go in the smoker

This is the hard part, Norman has to carry the rack to the smoker without dropping anything.

There they go into the smoker, the fish will be ready tomorrow.

Judy in the front of the boat caught 3 fish in a matter of 30 min, no she is going back out there.

Hurry Norm, they won't stick around too long.

End of the 9th Annual Sheridan Lake Rally, time to take the "Loon Saloon" down.

.....and the walls came down
luckily we had a nice sunny 
day so everything could dry out.

Judy caught another good size fish and gave it to Joe and I, we fried it for dinner, it was sooooo yummy, thanks Judy.

Thanks to Audie too, when we were leaving she came running out to give us some smoked fish, it to was soooo yummy

So many great friends here at this rally, hope to see all of you next year at the 10 annual "Loon Saloon" at Loon Bay Resort.

Safe travels to all, have a blessed day.


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