Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I meant to post these pictures the the blog I just posted, so bare with me.  This morning was a gorgeous sunrise and like all great sun rises or sets they continue to change.  So which one do you use?  Well one is the new header and I will have to just put the rest of them up.  Our space was just 100' from water.  This AM was a low tide.

Red Sky in morning, sailor take warning.  True saying for today by 4:00 pm we were in a storm with lots of rain and wind.

Another reason to put all these up is to remember this place a year from now.  As I had mentioned before this is a very small town four miles to the west of the Ho-Hum RV park.  There is one small IGA store in town, two gas stations across the street from each other, they each had a deli in them but didn't check them out.  There is one cafe in town and we had lunch there.  A very good turkey sandwich which was the Blue Plate Special of the day.  A real cute place.

Yes, this still works and was playing tunes from 50's & 60's

I  almost forgot to mention, last night we saw a very large black bear go through our campground, just 10 feet from our trailer.  On the way here we saw several warning sign for bears.  In Florida?  Yes, Joe and I both saw him and there were bear tracks on the beach/

Safe travels to all

Nancy & Joe


  1. Your new header is out of this world! Ho-Hum RV park - HA!

  2. We were just at that campground two weeks ago, beautiful, beautiful spot! Being from Montana we had chuckled at all those bear warning signs (we have lots of bears at home)guess we will believe the bear warning signs in Florida from now on. We are currently in Cedar Key and loving it!

  3. Thats one thing about FL, the sunrise and sunsets are amazing!!!

  4. I guess those bears get to enjoy the lovely sunrises and sunsets along with you!