Monday, February 14, 2011

One more thing checked off the list

We keep making check marks on our TO DO LIST.  Last week I went to the dentist and I haveanother apt this week.  Joe has an apt next week and then I think we will be done for awhile. Now I need to see the optometrist, yearly check up and probably so other medical things.

Almost every weekend we take a truck load of stuff to our new place in Lacey.  Our house in Lacey will probably end being a storage area for a couple of years and family can also star there when we are not there. 

Our place in Lacey. 

Another item on the To Do List was to attach a Hubodometer to the center hub of the front tire.  I might be calling it the wrong name but is to keep track of the mileage of the trailer.  We took it off our old trailer and it had 23,617 miles on it.

First you have to take the tire off to get to the hub and then punch a hole in the hub to attach the Hubometer.

Carefully backing up on this little lift ramp.

This will lift the trailer with the rear tire and

the front tire can then be taken off.

And then the tire is finally off

After Joe pulled the hub off he had to find the
exact middle.

This is where he will then drill the hole to attach the Hubodometer

The round canister on the right is the

This is the Hubodometer showing 23,617 miles on it

Drilling the hole and of course Buddy is on guard to make sure no squirrels will come too close.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. 

I would have posted this sooner but I had forgotten how to post pictures.  Remember I am real new to this.

Safe travels to all,

Nancy & Joe

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  1. Well, I guess you eventually remembered how to post pictures. :) Not being a trailer person, I didn't know about the hubodometer or the work involved in installing it. Good to get all those appointments over with. You're making a lot of progress toward your goal!