Monday, September 17, 2012

Still at the Fair

Part 2 of 3
Still in Albion at the Fair

A restored 1850 carousel, all the horses tails are made of real horse hair.  Notice the middle part is open, that is where the horses walked to turn the carousel before the new engine.  None of the animals go up and down, I guess they didn't "back in the day".

 Tractor pulls, even the wives and daughters got in the action.

Just a youngster here but he certainly new what he was doing

Replica of a 1905 steam engine tractor

Another youngster with dad watching

Now, on to the draft horse pulls, and a set of mules 

 Single horse pulling a log and had to stop on a line, 3 times, mom watching.

 Look at those muscles.

The winner, pulling 7,000 lbs, 
note:  dad has the reins to control the horse and both of his little boys 
holding onto the reins also, while someone looks after the boys.

I told you it was going to be mostly pictures, you're just lucky that you didn't have to sit through all 252 pictures of these three days.

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