Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look out for the Swan

August 31 - Sept 5, 2012
Omaha, Nebraska
Offutt AFB Fam Camp

Labor Day 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska we thought it would be fitting to search out the sculptures titled Labor.   During the flood of 2011, the Missouri River practically covered the monuments and caused quite a bit of damage which cost nearly $100,000 to repair.  The sculptures are beautifut and were just rededicated several days ago.

The monuments are very busy, take a minute to look at them.
The statue in the front is holding a hammer, the flood came up to his wrist.

A new plaque when the monuments were rededicated 
Notice in the picture the river waters were almost up the hand in this statue. 

Unfortunately I cut off the hand holding the hammer which is where the water almost reached.
Joe is 6 foot, so you can tell they had a lot of water here.  The river is in the background, this whole platform is a good 50 feet above the river.

This part of the sculpture marks the high water mark, the upper mark is flood of 1952 and the lower mark is the flood of  2011, remember Joe is 6 foot and the platform is 50 feet above the river.

This suspension bridge is on a trail and you can walk or ride your bike across. 
 It is the largest walking suspension bridge in the US  
You can kind of see how low the land is and not much levee.  The water really spread out.

It's a double suspension and sort of has a long S curve

Looking down stream from the top of the walking bridge

Looking up stream, that is a lot of water when the river floods, I just can't imagine all that water

Looking down river and towards Omaha. 
 The building, a restaurant, with the red roof was of course flooded, was where we had lunch

Another view leaning out over the railing of the bridge

After lunch we drove in to town and stopped at this park and watched this beautiful sweet little swan.

Well, it turned out that HE was not a little sweet thing.  
He suddenly took off, and look at those wings, a little threatening. 
Actually, more than threatening, you will see how aggressive he is in the next pictures

He apparently doesn't like Canada geese.

Look at the size of him, you know these are full grown geese.

Well he got rid of them, now back to the water.  Look at the size of his feet.

He just spotted more Canada geese and there he goes

There were two Canada geese and they had to flap their wings in the water to get moving faster then on land they were running.

He is telling the geese to stay out of HIS water

About 100 yards or so down the lake these geese 
have no idea what might be soon coming their way

The swan was all by himself, no mate, maybe that's why he was so aggressive.

That's it, on to Amana Colonies, Iowa tomorrow.

Drive safe and have a blessed day.

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  1. Great tour. I think you will enjoy the colonies:) We spent three days there.