Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Harvest Hosts Winery

September 12, 2012
Firelands Winery
Harvest Hosts
Sandusky, Ohio

A very pleasant long 249 mile drive today.  We stayed off the toll roads so at times it was a little slower, but saw some beautiful country.

I always like to get flag pictures, 
usually we are driving so many are too blurry to post.  

There were three flags in a row but only got two

A cute little town along US Hwy 20.  already forgot the name.
You don't get these cute places on the toll roads

Crossing the Sandusky Bay. to the left of us is Lake Erie but the hwy divider is too tall to see it.
Almost looks like my picture when we were going across the Sunrise Bridge into Tampa, FL

Unfortunately we had to drive right by this nuclear plant a little west of Sandusky

The Streamer is still following us

We finally get to our destination, just in time for a little sampling.  
This winery is the largest in Ohio and produces about 70,000 cases a year. 

We have a really nice place to spend the night.

We are going to have cards made and I think this is the picture we will use on them but I might take another picture when I get my new glasses, which have already been mailed to Joe's sister in Maryland and we will be there on the 22nd.

 This is a bit blurry but I wanted to show how the beans are drying up.  They go from green to golden to a light gray and all the leaves fall off.  I guess they will be harvesting them soon.  Now and then we see the corn being harvested.

The actual bean pods

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by


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  1. That's a great picture of the two of you. I've thought about the Harvest Hosts, but feel I'd have to buy wine which I'm allergic to. Your post on picking the grapes looked like fun, although I don't think I would last a whole day.