Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Different Place and more Falls

Sept 18 & 19, 2012
Watkins Glenn State Park
Watkins Glenn, NY
Finger Lakes Region

It rained and rained today, had to slow down several times because of not being able to see the road.  We managed to stay off the toll roads again, and saw beautiful farm lands, not only beans and corn, but now we are into vineyards.  The closer you get to the our destination, the south end of Seneca Lake the more wineries, almost every quarter of a mile another tasting room.  We have quite a bit of wine right now because of the last two wineries that we stayed at, plus we still have a few bottles of two-buck-chuck.  Which is good wine if you drink wine every day.  Can't afford to drink the winery wines every day, save them for special occasions, probably once a week.  It's funny, when I was working I very seldom drank anything during the week, wanted to be sure I had a clear head for working.

Going into Rochester, NY

The little town of Watkins Glenn, NY

After the rain finally let up we drove around a little.  There is a deep gorge here with several hiking trails up the gorge.  We went to check it out and got a few pictures

 close up of branch from above tree

Water is just pounding down through the gorge, 
the water is lower because of very little rain, until today. 

There are 19 water falls in about two miles, tomorrow will be dryer and mostly sunny so I will go hiking up this gorge.  This is all state park, both sides of the gorge.

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  1. That is a great park, I grew up not far from there:)

  2. Oh, Watkins Glen! Beautiful area, all the Finger Lakes region. We were there around 1995 or '96; both made it up and down the stairs to the top. Couldn't do it today. Enjoy!