Monday, January 27, 2014

Mt Lemon and Awning Repair on Trailer

Tucson, AZ
1/20 - 1/27/14
mostly sunny every day
mid 70' - low 80'

Not to much going on, but we still seem to stay busy every day.  Buddy is still having ACL issues and is receiving injections every 2 - 3 days and will continue until 2/10/13.  Buddy does not seem to be in too much pain but he mostly sleeps and has to be encouraged to go outside.

The awnings for the Moho still not here yet.  Oasis RV is going to call Zip Dee to see what seems to be the problem.  They were closed down for 2 weeks for the holidays in December but they should have been caught up by now.

The roadside awning on the trailer is attached to the trailer with a canvas bead and the stitching is rotting out.  Our trailer is a 2003 so I guess 10 years is pretty good.  Anyway, luckily Joe noticed this and Oasis RV said they had the canvas bead in stock.  Lucky for us.  We took the trailer over there and they fixed it first thing Monday morning.

The stitching was actually rotting where it is attached to the trailer.  

It's kind of hard to see and actually explain the situation.  If it is not repaired the awning will actually come off as you are driving down the road.

One outing for us was up to Mt Lemon where we drove through the desert, HooDoo Rock Formations, Live Oak trees, and various deciduous trees, then up to pine trees, Pinon and Ponderosa, and finally snow just after 6,500', we continued up the mountain to the Ski Resort.  Such a difference from the desert floor.

Windy Point 
at 6,000'

This must have been a fairly 
large tree at one time.

Sky runs at top of Mt Lemon

Another ending of a beautiful day in the desert.


  1. I remember going up Mt Lemon in July of 1988 to take a ride on the ski lift. What a refreshing retreat it was from the desert heat!

  2. Isn't it amazing that you can drive from war to hot weather and finish at a ski resort? What fun!