Saturday, August 31, 2013

Telegraph Cove/Alert Bay

8/30/13 - 9/1/13

Telegraph Cove/Alert Bay
Vancouver Island, BC

Well it's been sooooo verrry looooong  since I have posted I wasn't sure that it would still be there, but here it is and I'm so very glad.  I didn't realize the importance of blogging because it's mostly my record, or journal of our travels.  But I had had to go back and look at something from a year ago and it sure came in handy

Another Airstream Caravan, "Island Treasures Caravan"  we have 19 trailers and one motor home.  Leaving home (Lacey, WA) on Saturday 8/24/13 and spent the night at Washington Park in Anacortes, as we are taking the ferry to Sidney, Vancouver Island on the 0825 sailing.  The Park is very wooded and perfect, but you had better have reservations if you are staying during the summer months.

Our friends Judy and Gerry picked us up and drove us into town to a cute little pub but I don't remember the name of it.  We have not been to Anacortes for at least 5 - 6 years and it was much busier and cleaner than I remember.  One thing, the boat docks have been redone and it is beautiful down there.  We also found out that there is free RV parking in the parking lot next to the boat dock which is where we will stay on our return home.

The ferry ride was very uneventful, had a nice pleasant ride through the beautiful San Juan Islands to Sidney, BC. then a short drive up to Nanaimo to Living Forest RV Park.  A little pricey but a beautiful park with almost every site a view of the water.  Would definitely stay there again.

Tuesday August 27, arrived Courtaney, BC at Seal Bay RV Park.  A beautiful new park. And, this is where we met all the other people on the caravan.  Some people we have met before and have even been  on caravans with them and then there others that are now becoming friends.

I have WiFi here but it is tempermental and I am not able to get to my pictures :(

While in Courtaney we visited the K'omoks First Nation and was treated to a traditional salmon bake and the Kumugwe Dancers at the Longhouse.  The dancers, in traditional dress, told stories of their culture that has been passed down for hundreds of years, all being told by Andy Emerson.

A group of us traveled out to Port Alberni where we hopped on a steam train, taking us up to the McClain (operated by steam) Lumber Mill.  A fascinating operation that is still in operation today for custom orders.  The entire operation is run by two engineers and about 10 volunteers.

8/30/13 was travel day on up to Telegraph Cove and Alert Bay.  Again, we were treated to local First Nations, visiting the cemetery of their ancestors and explanation of all the Totem Poles in the cemetery. Then off to the carving shed and the museum.  Tomorrow we will go to Port Hardy.

Safe travels to all


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