Thursday, January 31, 2013

1/18 - 1/20/2-13
Destin, FL
Army Recreation Area
Destin is sort of like a mini Miami on the Gulf, hopefully it does not become another Miami.  Many water ways, white sand and very expensive boats.  The boat pictured in the background is for sale, a 38' for a mere $1,650,000.  It must have gold fixtures in the galley and head.  Of course a boat like this maybe they call is chef's kitchen.  There is only one really really tall big hotel/condo which is behind me.  They do have a really nice board walk and not too many people, but... come March it will be body to body with spring break kids.

Views from the Army recreation camp

They have a fun water park but you can't see the many spouts of water coming up.  This cute little girl is shooting water out the cannon.

All and all, we had a good time, the place is just too busy for us even in this off season.  I can't imagine what it's like later on in the year.

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