Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heading North to Alaska

May 14, 2014
Clear and sunny in Olympia

Today is the first day of our next extended trip,  After a year of discussing and cussing we have come up with a three month trip going to Alaska and back.  I just hope we don't run out of time because we need to be home by August 9th at the very latest.

Leaving home, Olympia WA we traveled north on I-5 which was fairly smooth, no big accidents like they had a couple of days ago when I-5 was closed for three hours.  Fueled up in Lynden at Safeway and then headed for the Sumas crossing into Abbotsford, Canada and then on to Hope where we spent the night.

We usually stay behind the Information Center right across from Rolly's Restaurant, always very quiet and we have never been run out by the local RCMPs.  We were early so we drove over to the City Park and spent a few relaxing hours and dinner there.

Arriving at Hope, we decided to go directly to the Community Park and spend the rest of the afternoon there.

This bear is just one of the many carvings that line the streets to welcome visitors.

Hope is a one day drive for us, from Olympia so we stop here often when traveling north.

Parked in front of the Hope Community Park for the afternoon and evening.  A good place to rest and have dinner.

While relaxing in the park John came by to visit with us.  John is a retired professional wrestler and has traveled all over the world and has many stories.
John is about 6'5" and due to complications with diabetes and circulation problems he is unable to walk very far.  However he gets around town on his trike which looks like it has many miles on those tires.  John was quite a talker and visited with us for at least an hour when his wife called him to "get on home or he would miss his dinner".

Thursday we traveled on up to Sheridan Lake where we stay for about a week, and  to meet up with other Airstreamers which I will write about next.

Until then, safe travels to all