Friday, May 23, 2014

Onward to Alaska

Sheridan Lake to Prince George
Mostly overcast with a few sun breaks

A very nice drive, no pictures though.  At Prince George we stayed at Bee Lazee RV Park about 12 miles south of Prince George.  We should have stayed at the next campground that was closer because this is where we needed to get some fresh veggies and the driving back and forth took at least 2 gal of diesel. 

5/22/- 5/23/14
Prince George to Dawson Creek
Overcast with sprinkles of rain but lots of sun breaks

A very nice drive, saw one large beautiful black bear along the side of the road, also several deer and one coyote.  We are staying at Northern Lights RV Park, about 1.5 miles from Dawson Creek.

Stopped at Bijoux Falls Provincial Park to see the falls. They were roaring down the hillside

Along the way we stopped at Chetwynd to see their world famous chainsaw carvings, and they were amazing.  The International Chainsaw Carving Championship takes place about June 6 - 9.  There are over 100 carvings to see.  We saw many but only took a few pictures.

More pictures along the way to Dawson Creek:

Dawson Creek, we visited The Alaska Highway House, this is a must see to any visitor, great displays and a superb video of how and why the "Alcan" was made.  This was uncharted territory and the 1,523 mile road went through in just 8 months.  We cannot even begin to understand the hardships that these men went through.  To speed up the process, crews started in Dawson Creek, BC, Whitehorse, Yukon and Big Delta, Alaska working towards each other with a plan to meet up somewhere in the middle

Dawson Creek has many murals, here is a few depicting the hardships of building the Alaskan Hwy:

Also visited the Dawson Creek Rail Station Museum, which contains pioneer artifacts also showing how the Station Master lived with his family.

Beautiful stove from the original Station Master
Plate on side of stove
This was a very modern kitchen, notice the bin in the cupboard that would hold grain, probably wheat and the handle would turn in order to get the flour.  close up below

Children's bedroom

and, the parents room

The Train Master's office

The train station

One of about 6 grain elevators in Dawson Creek back "in the day"

We also visited the little town of Pouce Coupe  There are several ways as to how to say this name.  Currently they say Pouce (Poos, rimes with juice) and Coupe (coup as in chicken coop with a y sound at the end, so its coopy)  They have a great museum where everything has been donated by people that have lived in the area.  The other thing they have is a famous wooden curved railroad bridge. Not in use at this time, it's a beautifully engineered structure.

And, of course the famous sign 

That's about it for Dawson Creek, tomorrow we are headed to Fort Nelson.  Fort Nelson is about 288 miles north, if we stop too many times we will have to stay somewhere along the way.

Thanks for stopping by, safe travels to all.



  1. It will be exactly 10 years ago this summer that I made my journey to Alaska, so I'm going to enjoy seeing it again through your eyes.

  2. Fascinating post and lovely photos.