Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Watson Lake

Liard Hot Springs to Watson Lake
Downtown RV Park
136 miles

Another pleasant clear drive today, passing by sots of bison, a couple of bears and more store sheep.  The bison are very skinny after their long winter, but their coat looks good.  The bison won't even lift their head it is just down eating the grasses along the road as fast as they can.

We arrive in Watson Lake about noon, too early to go into the campground so we had lunch at the local place, "Kathy's Kitchen"  I had a delicious pepper/veggie soup, a little spicy but very good.  Joe had a very large hamburger and fries.  The fries were hand cut and delicious.  We have not had many meals out because of the prices they want.  Here at Kathy's everything was home made and not quite double the price we would have paid at home for the same quality and quantity.  We would eat there again and highly recommend it.

The best things to see here is the Sign Post Forest and the Northern Lights Center.

Some pictures along the way.  I have stopped taking bear and sheep pictures.
Now we can move on to bison pictures.

Memorial for all those who died while working on the Alaska Hwy.  It's a shame that it is such a small memorial and no sign on the Hwy to alert you to it.

I still have a picture to post of the famous Sign Post Forest, I downloaded using Picasa and now I can't find it.  I have been having lots of trouble with Picasa lately.  All my recent pictures have gone into 2010 file, then when I try to load them to the album, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

That's it for today, tomorrow we are headed for Testlin, again it's not very far up the road.

Safe travels to all



  1. Hi Mom, looks great, keep it up, and be safe.

  2. Hi Mom, love the pictures, everything is so beautiful. We are back from kayaking in Mexico, everything was fantastic. Love Bren.