Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liard Hot Springs

5/25 - 5/27/14
Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs
194 miles
Liard Hot Spring Prov Park
Still great weather

The road has still been way better than expected. Since we have been driving almost every day we decided to stay for two nights.  The campground is immaculate and almost every site is very large.  I would definitely stay here again.  PLUS the magnificent hot springs, the best I have ever been to are Very clean along with a very well maintained board walk out to the springs and brand new decking and changing rooms.

The next pictures along the side of the road

Momma and three cubs

I only took a picture of this because it's a good place to stop for coffee; a large cup, which you provide the cup is only $2.50, the best bargain so far

Stone Sheep, we have probably seen at least 100 of them.

Carabou, have seen about 4 or 5, here and there, no herds

Muncho Lake, looks like a good place to stay and fish.
The ice was just breaking up.

They have just the cutest little puffy white butts.

That's it for now, really enjoying the fresh air and scenery

Safe travels to all




  1. I remember that changing room at Liard Hot Springs. Just a big room where everyone stripped off their clothes. No privacy whatsoever. Kind of surprised me. The springs were wonderful though.

  2. Having fun reading your trip. Planning on one ourselves in the future. I barely remember the hot springs from the trip my parents took, with their 1957 Airstream, in 1964 (http://www.casarodante.org/2006/07/18/the-beginning/). I was only 4 but remember the mosquitoes that every else was fighting, but me.