Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sheridan Lake,

5/15 - 5/21/2014
Sheridan Lake at Loon Bay Resort, BC
Arrived with sunny skies then a little rain then a little sun

Leaving Hope, BC we headed to the Hwy 1 and then Hwy 97, up the Fraser River Canyon, it's a beautiful drive along the Fraser River and then along the Thompson River.  This way is a little slower but a real good road going through seven tunnels and about six ecco-systems, everything except a rain forest. About 5 miles before 100 Mile House we turned east on Hwy 24 for about 20 miles (34 km) to Loon Bay Resort where we met up with about 15 other Airstreamers.  This is where the British Columbia Unit was holding their 9th annual Fishing Derby/Rally. This is our 2nd time joining them here.

The first day was warm and gorgeous, then reality set in with a little rain for the next couple of days and then sun for the next couple of days but nothing has ever dampened our spirits.  The "Loon Saloon" was built using four large canapies, adding walls and then decorations of lights, paper fish that we made and then two "Campfire in a can"  and the place was toasty warm and there was enough room for six tables so all 32 of us could sit down to eat.

One of the 7 tunnels going up the Fraser River Canyon

The annual unveiling of
The Loon Saloon
at the Loon Bay Resort 

Inside the tent

Pancakes and Bangers 
for Breakfast.

Nothing dampens our spirits,
I think Deb is praying to the
"rain gods" that we have had
enough rain.
             In the states we call these     large sausages
but here in BC they are called "Bangers"
and yes they are delicious especially
when cooked outdoors in the rain.

Waiting for their table to be called
for the potluck dinner

These two little Campfire in the Cans kept the tent very toasty, sometimes so warm we had to turn one or both off.
(The tent was well vented)

Check for part 2 next time
Safe travels to all


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