Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sonoran Desert

1/26 - 1/30/14
Gilbert Ray Campground
Pima County, Tucson, AZ

A few high clouds, but still mid 70's

Gilbert Ray Campground is a Pima County Park nestled in the Tucson Mountain Park that boarders the Western Saguaro National Park and right next to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum to the north and Old Tucson Studios to the south.  We will definately come back here again.  There are hundreds of beautiful hiking trails among the tall Saguaros and coyotes serenading at night.

One of the many hiking trails

Looking back at our trailer and flag.

Yesterday we toured the Sonoran Desert Museum, this has always been on our list and we can finally cross it off.

Beautiful Harris' Hawk

Barn Owl, look at that face.

Of course the Mountain Lion.


Harris' Hawk
Considered to be the fastest bird on earth

 Look at that beak, all the better to tear their dinner apart.  These magnificent raptors live as a family group and surround their prey and then go in for the kill while one will sit on a tall branch as a sentinel.  We were able to see this as a rabbit tried to out run 4 of the Harris' Hawks.

Cute coyote

End of a beautiful day

Have a blessed day



  1. We love that desert museum! Have a friend who does some volunteering there and got to see it three years ago. Great photos!