Monday, January 20, 2014

Sabino Canyon

Tucson, AZ
Still at Davis-Monthan AFB FamCamp

Sabino Canyon
High 82'
low 56'
Clear blue skies

Today we drove out to Sabino Canyon.  A beautiful canyon east of Tucson in the Santa Catalina Mountains, almost right under Mt Lemon.  Sabino Canyon is in the Coronado National Forest.  The canyon is fairly narrow with many hiking trails, the main road has a shuttle bus that climbs up the canyon and crosses the river nine times for 3.7 miles, you can get off and on the tram at any one of the 9 designated stops.

There was lots of water in the creek and many pools of crystal clear water.

See the breaks in the rock wall by the road, this is for when the water flows over the road.

The shuttle bus will run even with water on the road up to about one foot deep.

Trails zig-zag all over the place.  Next time I'll ride the shuttle all the way and then get off , there is a great hike that climbs up the mountain and then continues along the ridge for about 2.5 miles and then back down to the road to catch the shuttle.

Another area is on the other side of this ridge called Bear Canyon, with many more hiking trails, even going as far as Mt Lemon, about 14 miles.

A very nice enjoyable day.



  1. Those are great temperatures. I like hikes where you can take a shuttle bus for part of it, like at Zion National Park.

  2. There is a nice hike to Seven Falls that leaves from Sabino Canyon. I really enjoyed it -