Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Picacho Peak State Park
12/28/13 - 1/2/14
Group Campground with 4CU New Years Rally
Clear skies for the most part cool at night (about 40') and warm during the day (about 65' to 72')

Our Rally was dry camping with about 35 rigs.  Coffee every morning and a campfire every night and various activities in between.  Every one had a great time, especially making the tamales.

Getting all set up with our flags.

Sergio and Lewis were our 
fearless Hosts for the Rally......

proudly flying their flags
 on their 1962 vintage AS

There were longs ones

And............short ones

There were old ones.......

And.......Very Old ......

1955 Custom Wide Body

Brand New ones, 2014, 
delivered about two weeks ago

painted ones

Lots of solar power here

 Lots of flags

even starving Flamingos
 Even those that wanna be
(Very first on order and not ready for another month)

End of a perfect day and a perfect week at Pacacho Peak State Park, Arizona

Safe travels and have a blessed New Year



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  2. Happy New Year, Nancy and Joe! Your rally sounds like it was a lot of fun. Welcome back to Blogland!