Saturday, July 26, 2014

Valdez to Skagway

7/19 - 7/23
Valdez to Tok to Destruction Bay to Carcross to Skagway
Mostly very good weather with a few sprinkles now and then

More outstanding scenery, road construction and very bumpy roads.  From Tok to Destruction Bay, (D-Bay to the locals) was about 250 miles that took us nine hours, which 45 min was waiting for a pilot car.  This was the longest we have been on the road since we left home, and the dirtiest. Luckily there was a car wash in Carcross.  We only stayed overnight at Tok, Destruction Bay and Carcross so not much going on.

New Snow in mountains above Destruction Bay

What a mess going through all that construction.  
The stuff wanted to stick like glue, very hard to wash off.

Entrance to Haines Junction

Village Bakery, several streets off the main hwy, but we found it
Had delicious sticky buns, our first on the entire trip 

Emerald Lake, see description next picture

Waiting for a pilot car again, note the clean trailer

Just after the White Pass summit of about 3,500' 
going down steep canyon all the way to Skagway

I have been without internet for a long time, then when we arrive to our campground in Skagway we have no phone, no internet, no water.  More on that tomorrow.

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