Thursday, July 31, 2014

Onward to Stewart BC and Hyder AK


Headed toward Stewart/Hyder south on the Cassiar Hwy 37.  Going south, the road was pretty rough in a few places.  Saw 1 sow bear with 2 cubs, 1 fox and several ptarmigans alongside the road.  Stopped for the night at Rancheria Motel/RV Park, doesn't look like much, in fact it is real easy to miss.  A small  place, nice level spaces with power and water and super nice people in the cafe.  When we got there we both had a bowl of Split Pea Soup, excellent soup.  About 24 bicycle riders where just arriving to spend the night and there had been 25 the night before.  There were also several motorcyclist camped. The place is not much to look at but I would definitely stay here again.


After Rancheria the road started to get better, in fact it eventually had fog lines and a yellow line down the middle. Stayed at Mt Shadow RV Park just north of Iskut, BC, probably one of the prettiest well manicured places we stayed at.  The sites were perfect, large areas of lawn and hundreds of well kept flowers around the house.  When you register you walk into the owners beautiful kitchen with a view of a lake and tall snow scattered mountain peaks all around.  This deserves a 10+ rating, however I never took the time to look at the bathrooms/showers

Continued on into Stewart/Hyder and staying at Camp Run-A-Muck, the last place in Hyder.  A nice quiet place with many pull-thrus in the woods or in the open.  Good showers, (3 loonies even though we were in Alaska)  Nice laundry, only takes US quarters.  Only Alaskan town on Pacific Standard Time, except for the Post office, they are on Alaskan Time Zone, but the National Park further down the road is on Pacific Standard time.  You just have to know where you are going to know what time time zone you are in.  A very nice gentlemen, Sully  checked us in, we have power, water and wi-fi that is very iffy and then not at all.  Another gorgeous drive through narrow canyons, waterfalls, many creeks and Bear Glacier which we were able to get a couple of pictures through the rain.  I might be able to get better pictures when we leave.
We have been driving for three days, longer than what we usually like; when we leave here we will be driving for five or six days to home so we will spend two nights here in Hyder to rest up.  Hyder is the last Alaskan town we will be in for this trip.  When we leave here we will go to Smithers or Houston for the first night and then continue driving every day to home.  In 2011 we drove to Prince Rupert so
we already know what the roads look like from Smithers to home.

Bear Glacier

Park next to Visitor Center in Stewart, B C

Later we will drive out to Tongass National Park to Salmon Creek to see if there are any bears there.  They are open from 6am until 10 pm, Pacific Time.

More about that on the next blog.

Have a great day.


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