Thursday, July 17, 2014


7/12 - 7/14
Seward Military Resort and RV Park
Partly cloudy with showers now and then

This is a military resort and what a great place within walking distance to Seward.  Great free showers, and laundry $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry.

 I think every small town we have been to has a brewery, Seward was no exception.  Time for another brew...?  sure..!

While in Seward we met up with fellow Airstreamer from
Port Angeles WA;  Dan, Irene, and their 9 month old Great Dane, Rascal.

Downtown Seward

While in Seward we went out on an all day glacier and wildlife tour with Kenai Fjords Tour, and we had so much fun.

Leaving the harbor

Beautiful scenery everywhere

On our way to Fox Island to pick up a few more people.

We were on our way and suddenly the Captain remembered we needed to go to Fox Island to pick up a few people that had spent the night there.  You can see on the TV Monitor that we had to turn around and head back to the dock at Fox Island.

Pulling up to the dock at Fox Island

A bit blurry but that's what you get when the Orcas are moving.

Stellar Sea Lions.

A few rain drops on my lens

Holgate Glacier, kind of rainy here.

Rainy, but a magnificent view of the glacier.

Actually got to see a fairly large calving, luckily I caught the last of it at the center bottom of picture

Sort of close to one of the many islands, of the Chiswell Islands.

A little Tufted Puffin Family

A bit out of focus, but I kept it anyway, after-all this is my journal.

This rock island is straight up and down and yet these Gulls and Puffins still find a place to nest.

On the way home another Orca was spotted.

Bee Hive Island, thousands of different Gulls and Puffins swarming around.

More Stellar Sea Lions.

This was a really good tour that was a full day and great people.

The next day Joe went out on a fishing trip and came back with two halibut and three bottom fish.  The resort that we are staying at has two very large fish cleaning houses, including use of a filet knife, saran wrap, freezer wrap and you could buy bags for use in their free shrink wrap machines.  The also have a large freezer room.

Some one brought in a 168 lb Halibut, which is nice if you have someone that knows how to make steaks and fillets in something that big

For me these smaller 40 - 50 lb halibuts are much easier to handle.

Part of Joe's catch

Inside one of the fish houses.  Two long tables on the edges of the fish house for filleting your fish and one table in the middle for wrapping your catch

Shrink wrap machine.  This is the smaller one.  The larger one could take 6 bags.

We had a great time in Seward and the Military Resort was fantastic.  They also had Yurts, hotel, townhouses and houses.  This is a very popular place  we were lucky to be able to stay there for a few days.  We would have stayed longer but they were booked.  You can make reservations for a year in advance.  The deck hands from the fishing boat Joe went on came to the resort to pick everyone up, which was really convenient.

That's it for Seward.

Thanks for stopping  by, have a blessed day.



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  1. Now that fish house stuff was very interesting to me. I don't care for ocean fish, but I wondered what everyone did with all their halibut.