Monday, July 7, 2014

Beautiful Homer, AK

7/4 - 11/14
Homer, AK
Elks Lodge
Temps have been mild mostly sunny
clouding up in evening and a few
sprinkles at night.

We are still here, waiting for mail and tomorrow a fishing trip for halibut, hope we are successful.  While here we have driven all the way out to the end of the East End Road.  Beautiful drive, and many homes out there on the hill.  Homer is much larger than you would think.

This guy was right outside our door, he was grooming himself for a while and then when he shook a white feather fell down and I found it.  Not very big but I know for sure that it is from an Eagle.

His is looking at a crow that won't leave him alone

The crow was really upset, the Eagle probably stole a baby crow or egg.

How American can you get, the Flag, Eagle and Airstream,  all we need is a Harley.......But keep reading, a Harley and miniature Airstream appeared before the day was gone.

...... and the rest of the story,
Harley pulling an Airstream.

check out, he custom makes these trailers. The top opens up for storage.   He tried to talk to Airstream, but they would not return his call.

Dave Shu...... what about this.

Too bad the Eagle had already left for the day.

The flowers here are soooo big and beautiful.  The Fireweed are just starting to bloom.  Most are 5 - 6 feet tall.  Another few weeks and they will all be in bloom.

That's it for today's post, hope you have enjoyed, have a blessed day.



  1. I didn't fish while in Homer, but flew to have a close encounter with grizzlies in Geographic Bay. Unforgettable! I like the shots of the Fireweed.

  2. Wonderful update Mom. I love all the pictures, especially the Bald Eagle and our Nations Flag.