Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fish on..........Fish up..!!

Homer, AK
Fishing on the Nauti-Lady
Mostly clear skies and warm

Up by 0600, make breakfast, pack lunch and out the door, heading for the Nauti-Lady on Pier C, Slip 17 where we met 15 other people at 0730 plus Captain John and two crew members.  We were on our way by 0800 for a 3/4 day of Halibut Fishing.  First we had to stop and "jig" for Pollock which only took about 20 min and we had a box full for our bait.

Getting all set up to go.

Deck Hand, giving us our safety talk.

Pollock, a white fish.  I don't know if this is their regular size or if they grow bigger......but they did the trick as they became our bait.

We motored out for 2 hrs and what a gorgeous day we had.

Our fist siting of whales, they put on quite a show.

By the time we got to the fishing area, known as "the rock pile" the bait was cut and on the hooks.

I caught the largest fish on the boat, 44 inches long at about 35 lbs. I also caught the first fish, but threw is back, as it was only 31 inches.  The new rule is that you can have two fish, but one must be 29 inches or less.  I caught a total of six fish and I think Joe caught 10 fish.

 There's my fish, too big for the box

My fish

The whales were very playful, slapping their tails on the water.

Returning home,
everyone got their limit.

Mt Redoubt was in our site all day long

Last picture because I used all of the battery with about 200 pictures.

After a full day of fishing we went to the swearing in of four people at the Elks Club, one being Lee, one of our new friends. Lee is a truck driver with a home base in Alabama, but he comes up here to Homer every year to visit with his good friends, Tom and Deb, also Elk Members.  We better watch out or we will become members of the Elks Club in Homer.  Sure a lot of really nice people.  We have been in their RV area for six days, but have now moved (7/9/14) to a new place just up the street, Ocean View RV Park for a few days while we wait for mail.

That's it for a full day of fun, thanks for stopping by.



  1. On a clear summer day in Homer, AK. A cool boat ride with calm seas, catching bait fish, catching big tasty halibut, whale watching, sight seeing. WOW! I am so happy for you guys.
    I cant wait for the slide show at Brenda's house this winter.
    Thanks for the update. Love you guys, Tim

  2. What an incredible experience, with pictures to show for the experience!

  3. I would have been a sea sick mess. Glad you had a good time.