Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Road Again to Corpus Christi NAS

Yesterday, 12/15/11 we just kind of hung out. Made peanut butter cookies, trimmed Buddy's long locks, mostly around his face and feet, which seems to take way too long but he does look better.  Worked on my Christmas Letter, took a few pictures, one of which is the new header.

Lackland AFB Fam Camp is nice but when it is going to be rainy every day it's best to park in the gravel spots with water & electric only.  The water seems to run off those areas and just sits in our area which means mud.  Luckily we have a cork flooring so just wipe up the dirt and/or sweep it out.

Today, Friday, 12/16/11, after listening to the weather forecasters and we made a thoroughlyconfusing well informed, (maybe, maybe not) decision to go to Corpus Christi Naval Air Station right on the water across from Padre Island. Our drive here, 160 miles, was pretty nice, a slight tail wind, high dark clouds, but no rain . Most of the rain is coming tonight and tomorrow, so tomorrow just might be a good day for sewing and walking around the beach here during the breaks in the rain.  There is a big mall close by and I might brave the crowds to look for a certain type of slippers that can be worn outside.

This is the little Christmas Tree made on a loom for $5.95.  
It's very flimsy and would not travel well until next year so it will be donated 

Looks like my Christmas Cactus will open right on time

This is probably take number 19
every time I would set the timer and then run over to my spot Buddy would slowly turn and look at me with those big brown eyes, saying "You have got to be kidding, get this scarf off of me"

Merry Christmas and Safe Travels to all

Nancy & Joe


  1. The loom Christmas tree almost looks like a Charlie Brown tree. That's a great-looking cactus. Good job on your timed photo and new header picture!

  2. I can feel your pain, I think we took about 20 shots for our Christmas card too and Emmi would do the same thing to us until Mike got the bright idea to hang her "duck" with which she is obsessed on the tripod--worked like a charm!