Friday, December 23, 2011

Corpus Christi TX

Part 1 of 3

We have had a wonderful visit so far in Corpus Christi. There are two RV Parks here at Corpus Christi NAS, Shields RV Park and Paradise Cove.  We are in Paradise Cove, both parks are on the water.  Both places have free laundry but Shields has only one washer that works.  The area is very flat and it's easy to see that any type of hurricane will flood the area.  We will be spending Christmas here and then leaving on the 26th probably staying at Wally's in Port Arthur or the next town.  We will need to drive about 350 miles for two days in a row.

 While in San Antonio we noticed that the rear curbside tire was wearing kind of funny, looking at it more we noticed the tire was different than the others.  Remember in Yuma we had tire issues and ended up replacing all four tires at Discount Tire.  We found a Discount Tire right on our way to Corpus, after inspection they said the wrong tire was installed and was not rated for a heavy load.  Short story, the tire was replaced at no charge.  Notice the yellow ramp that is holding up the trailer.  This is a heavy plastic ramp that you pull the trailer up on and it holds the trailer up just high enough so that the rear tire is off the ground and easy to change.  This is the second time we have used it so it was a good investment to carry around.

I just love these small towns, we get off the interstate whenever possible.  These boxes on the upper right photo are deer blinds.  Not only are there blinds they also have huge deer feeders that get filled with corn.  I saw these bags of corn at the stores, even grocery stores, they are huge about 75 pounds.  The hunters feed in the same spot every year.  Deer hunting is a really big thing here and with all the devices used the poor deer don't stand a chance.  They are after the cute little white tail deer.

Bottom right is downtown Alice.  (Never saw Alice's Restaurant) Ya know that you are in south Texas when cuisine is BBQ, Mexican Food, AND........ FRIED CATFISH.

While in Corpus Christi we visited the State Aquarium.  A delightfully little aquarium, I only say little when comparing it to Monteray Bay Aquarium in California which takes two days to see it all.  It appeared that many families purchase the yearly pass (about $50.00 for the family) so they can visit often.

They had quite the display of these cute little "sea horses"

Look at the Flat head on this fish

I didn't realize that A & M Texas University was so big, every where we go we see another campus
A&M Corpus Cristi right on the water, a beautiful spot.
Claire you should check this one out.

More to come tomorrow

Safe travels to all

Nancy & Joe

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