Wednesday, December 14, 2011

San Antonio, Lackland AFB Fam Camp, with free washer/dryer.

We have been in San Antonio for two days now.  The first whole day we were here was serious fog and rain so we did the laundry and  shopped a little at the commissary.  Day two no fog but rainy on and off and 75 degrees.  We had wanted to go to the Riverwalk and the boat ride but too rainy.  I had to have a blood test so we found the right lab (LabCorp of America) and into San Antonio, only about 5 miles away and went to the IMAX which had a really good movie of the last 13 days of the Alamo.  What a bloody horrible battle.  There were several women and children that survived.  After the movie we walked over to the Alamo and toured through it.  I was glad we saw the movie first, it put events into perspective.  It was still a light rain so we drove to the Market Place.  Walked around, the place is just like going to the touristy border towns except  the shop owners were not trying to drag you into shop.  I bought a small Christmas Tree made of yarns probably on a loom.  It was only $6.00 but kinda of cute.  A sticker on the tree said made in Guatemala.  Picture of it tomorrow,

The weather forecast is for more rain and fog for the next several days.  So, we are going to pack up and head to either Mission or Mustang Island State Park, next to Corpus Christi.

Safe travels to all

Nancy & Joe

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