Monday, December 12, 2011

Big, very BIG Bend National Park

Part 1 of 2

Originally we were going to White Sands, Alamogordo, Carsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mtn National Park, Davis Mountain State Park but because of the weather (snow) we will have to visit these places next time we are in the area.
So we left El Paso and Headed to Big Bend National Park.  On the way there we went through several typical small West Texas Towns.  I am so glad there was no freeway going around them.  In Texas there are many small counties so there are lots of county court houses in some small town.  Marfa was a cute typical small Texal Town

County Court House in Marfa, TX

Plaque for following picture 

Beautiful hotel has been kept in excellent condition

Again, a plaque for the following picture.  
This plaque was very high and behind glass, hope everyone can read it

The opera house

 Interesting geology in West Texas on the way to Big Bend

This was a very long drive, the last 90 miles going through the park the speed limit is 45 mph, we chose the Rio Grand Village Camp Ground which is a dry camp with some drinking water faucets here and there.  A wonderful quiet camp ground with 100 sites, and only $7.00 with the Golden Age card.  There is also a full hook up campground for $32.00 per night and no discount.  We stayed two nights, this gave us a chance to go on a nice hike to the river the next day.  Along the way we crossed over a small bay off the Rio Grand.

We are not "Birders" but we enjoy seeing different birds, 
we left our bird book at home  and I don't want to buy another one
Have no idea what this guy is

Tall Bamboo Grass

After going to the river where everything is then sand, when we turned around to go back we were glad to see these rocks were there to find the trail

Several places along the way people from the other side of the river have left items, not for sale but for a donation.  There are many signs warning you not to purchase, as these items are then considered contraband.

The above picture is a horse across the Rio Grand River that is tied up, it is used to cross the river and place more trinkets and collect money and then make a mad dash back across the river.  
The river is only about 10 - 15 inches deep, very low even for this time of year
They are in a real drought with no significant rain for 18 months.

While we were in Big Bend we had no cell phone service and no internet.  I use a Verizon Card which is usually pretty good but down here there is no AT&T, no Verizon or anything else.  They do have a pay phone for emergencies.

More tomorrow

Safe travels to all

Nancy & Joe


  1. love, love, love Big Bend... your mystery bird appears to be an American Bittern...