Wednesday, May 30, 2012


May 29th
Jackson Center, OH

Our 56 mile drive north on I 75 was uneventful, even finding a Walmart that was close by was a breeze, very easy in and out.  Our new "Gypsy Girl" (GPS) was was in fine form and even has a couple of new features.

Waiting in line to get checked off and assigned a parking spot at our first ever Alumapalooza

still waiting

The grain fields are just starting to turn yellow.  Lots of grain and corn grown here

 One thing we needed at Walmart was a new 3x5 US Flag. It was time to retire our faded one. The faded one was at one time very nice with sewn on stripes and stars and cost about $25.00. We fly our flag at almost every stop so it was well worn over the last few years. This time I bought a cheapy $8.49, it's just a piece of stiff material and looks like the stars and stripes were painted on, but it's pretty and bright. So off with the old and on with the new. One of the parkers here lives close by and is still affiliated with the Boy Scouts. He made one call and someone from the local troup will be here this afternon to pick up the old flag to dispose of it properly. Yea!!

The old one actually is frayed a little and very faded

And, here we go with the bright new one.

Safe travels to all, thanks for visiting

Nancy and Joe

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