Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time to say our good byes

I just realized that I'm out of order and published this one before day 20 & 21 which will now be the next blog.

Day 22, Last Day of  Springtime in Kentucky Caravan
May 19, 2012
Renfro Valley RV Park
Remfro Valley, KY

First thing today is a Boarding House Breakfast at the Lodge across the street.  A great meal of scrambled eggs, biscuits, bacon and sausage, potatoes, grits and gravy, OJ and coffee.  What a feast.

The rest of the day was a time to visit with others, take a nap and check out some of the trails around.  Buddy went swimming in the creek, since it was warm we got a bath.

Tonight we had our final banquet at the Boone Tavern Inn.  This is not a tavern, in fact this is a "dry" county meaning if we wanted to have wine with dinner we had to bring our own and pay $1.50 for a wine glass.  Most of us brought a wine from Equus Run winery we visited a few days ago.  We had a very nice banquet with some fun and games.  At the beginning of the caravan I took everyone's picture in front of their trailer, we then printed these for everyone which helped us learn each other's name.  Anyway, at the banquet I received an award "The J. Edgar Hoover Mugshot Award" for "Taking Caravanner mugshots worthy of being displayed in any USA Post Office"  There were many other awards throughout the evening.

Our leaders Larry and Shala

The caravan was spectacular, Larry and Shala have lead this caravan for several years and I am sure they will continue in the future.

Our next caravan is "Southeast Coast Spectacular"  which starts October 2nd in southern Delaware and going down the coast.

That's it for now, safe travels to all

Nancy and Joe

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  1. That next caravan sounds like a winner, too. I just finally got the significance of your blog title "Streamin with Joe and Buddy". Duh. :)