Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving to Lexington

Day 7 and 8
Friday, May 4th and May 5th, Derby Day
Kentucky Horse Park Campground
Lexington, KY

Day 7 and we are on the move today to Lexington and the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park Campground, about an 80 mile drive.  This is beautiful horse country in the middle of Kentucky Blue Grass.

Since this was a rather short drive there was time to go to Old Friend's Thoroughbred Farm.  This is a place for retired thoroughbred race horses.  The stallions are kept in separate pastures, geldings can usually be together and so can the mares.
This stallion is 27 years old, you would never know it

All these horses are over 22 years, one is 30.  They are all taken very good care of.  While we were there a handler walked a mare by and these stallions went crazy running around their paddocks you would have thought they were 5 years old

Memorial plaques

This is Popcorn the one of the eight horses who played Sea Biscuit in the movie.  This one is the actual horse that crossed the finish line in the movie 

Day 8, May 5th is Derby Day (always the first Saturday in May) and our parade of hats here in the campground.

We are at Keenland, famous race track and famous for viewing the Derby on close circuit big screen TV everywhere around you.  Mint Juleps and beer were the famous drinks for the day

Our enclosed box seats viewing out to the Keenland Race Track
A buffet, bar and betting stations were available all day.
This was a huge party and loads of fun something really different for us.

Boy, what a day we had, the food was good, the Mint Julep was good, betting was kinda of good, we came out with $3.40 ahead.

That's it, be safe

Joe and Nancy

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