Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grandma's Campground

Oops, this really is day three, day four somehow got published first.

Day 3
Monday, April 30
Grandmas RV Campground
Shepardsville, KY

Travel day to Grandma's Campground, Sheperdsville about 90 miles away.

First we hooked up and drove just 23 miles up the road to Bowling Green and the Corvette Plant for a tour.  No pictures allowed, but it was an interesting tour.  They build eight Corvettes in the entire plant per hour.

After getting settled in at Grandma's Campground we headed over to Bungalow Joe's, a fun restaurant with excellent hamburgers and a lesson on what to expect and how to bet at the races.

Pretty much an uneventful day.  I have pictures on my phone but I am having difficulties downloading them again.  So no pictures this time.

Safe travels to all

Joe and Nancy

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