Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good-Bye Yuma

November 9, 2011,Sunny, high of 71 low tonight 45.  I am told that this is unusually cold for this time of year.
It's hard to believe that we have been here for three weeks already but now it's time to move on.  The people at the KOFA SKP Park are very friendly they make you feel like part of them.  I have especially enjoyed swimming every morning and the water aerobics.  I will miss the gals and Phil (our only man who was man enough to be part of us loud women.)

Joe is feeling better however his mouth is still very sore and he can only eat soft foods.  Now that he is feeling better he is getting "the hitch-itch" so we will be leaving very early in the morning as we need to stop at Discount Tire and get two more tires.

Next stop will be short, probably real short, "The Slabs".  We have never been there, everyone needs to at least experience The Slabs once.

Safe travels to all

Nancy and Joe