Saturday, November 19, 2011

Algodones here we come again

Thursday, November 17, 2011.  Another beautiful day, cool at night and warm and sunny during the day with a few high clouds for a perfect sunset.  We are so blessed.

At our campground it is about 4,200 ft.  We traveled back south to I-10 to Indio then south again to El Centro which is at Sea Level and at places a little below Sea Level, much warmer here.  Here we picked up I-8 and head east to the "Q" Casino.  ( I don't remember how to spell the real name) and down to the parking lot at the boarder crossing, towing our trailer still as we were in a hurry.  Everything here is on Arizona Time, even if you are in California or Mexico.  Luckily the dentist is a short 15 min. walk from the parking lot but you still have to go past all those vendors trying to sell you something.  Joe got his adjustment and it was immediate relief.

This time we headed back to the boarder a little different route and there was a young man giving out samples of nuts with a hard sugary glaze, and they were delicious.  We bought some and had a few more samples, and as we were walking away I felt like I had a rough piece of nut stuck between two of my back teeth but I couldn't get it out.  I had broken a part of a filling off.

Back to the truck and then to the RV parking at The Q to spend the night.  First this in the morning I called Joe's dentist, remembering they were on AZ time.  And lucky me, they now have three dentists in their group and Dr Paulo Scense  could see me at 11:00.  A long story short, I had a feeling I would need a crown, I was also informed and shown that the tooth next to it was also cracked, so I ended up having two crowns made and will go back and pick them up the Monday after thanksgiving.  I'm sure glad I was here and not in Florida when this happened.  Total bill for two porcelain crowns was $520.00.

After that ordeal we headed to El Centro to the Navy Air Field Fam Camp for a couple of nights and then we will be heading to La Mesa, for a week of Thanksgiving with daughter Brenda and Tom.  El Centro is much larger than what I remembered from being here 10 years ago.  We were running low on supplies so we hit the commissary, Costco and a brand new large Wal-Mart Super Center.

The FamCamp on base has about 70 sites all with E/W/S, about 80% full and a very nice campground host.  This is a small base with lots of fast fighter jets flying around all day long.  This is the training facility for the Blue Angels for the month of March, wouldn't that be a site to see.  I'll bet the campground is full during that month.

Safe travels to all



  1. Sorry about your tooth, but glad that you were able to get it fixed for a reasonable price. Enjoy the good weather! This morning the temperature is in the twenties in our neck of the woods!

  2. If we get out that way again, we will have to try the Famcamp.