Friday, October 7, 2011

Mountain Home AFB Fam Camp

October 6 & 7 we made camp at the Fam Camp at Mountain Home AFB.  The military has many campgrounds on or near their bases.  Joe is retired Air Force so we are able to use these facilities and will be doing so during our travels.  We have stayed at Fam Camps before and have found them very nice.  This Fam Camp has about 30 sites all with E/W/S, $14.00 per night.  It is about 13 miles south of Mountain Home, you have to go in the commercial gate because of the tight turns in the main gate.  Even though it rained all day on Thursday, it is very pleasant here, the Commissary, BX and bowling alley are all within walking distance.  The base is very clean and everything looks brand new.

This is a terrible picture, not sure what happened to the split from top to bottom, but I needed a picture of the FamCamp at Mountain Home to remind me later what it looked like.  Lots of trees here so you have to maneuver the satellite a little.  

Today we are relaxing, catching up on the blog, Joe had to take our water pump apart again as it gets clogged with yuk.  Don't know what is causing this except a dirty water tank, we might have to replace the water tank.  Of course the people that we bought our trailer from a year ago didn't mention this little problem.

Tomorrow we will leave Mountain Home and take Hwy 20 to Ketchum ID, just south of Sun Valley for the Jazz Festival, it's about 125 miles or so.  We will be dry camping in the parking lot of the River Run Inn for a week.  This will be a real test for our new solar system. (We also have a Honda 2000 generator for emergencies, like making coffee in the morning)  This is our first time at the Jazz Festival so it's all new to us.  There will be several RVs in the parking lot and we are allowed to use the generator during the day.  The River Run Inn also will be letting us use their bathrooms and showers.

Safe Travels to all


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